Q: I received my case, but the lock is locked.  How do I open it?

A: Factory settings should be 000, set the dials to those numbers and squeeze or slide the release and the zipper pulls should release from the lock.
Q: How do I change the combination on my (3 dial combination) lock?

A: There is a tab on the website to show a diagram of the lock and the steps needed to change your combination from the previous or default (000) setting. If you need assistance, please email customerservice@Andareluggage.com.

You can also download instructions by clicking HERE
Q: What is the warranty on my Andare Luggage?

A: Our typical warranty is a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturers defects.  A more detailed warranty statement is available on Andareluggage.com .  
Q: What if the airline damages my bag?

A: You should file a claim with the airline as soon as possible.  If the damage is discovered at the airport, file a claim at the airline baggage claim office before leaving.
Q: How do I register the warranty on my luggage?

A: There is no registration needed at this time.  We have coded manufacture tags in our products, if they are not removed the warranty will be in force for 10 years. 
Q: What is Andare's return policy?

A: Please see the return policy posted on AndareLuggage.com for full details.
Q: How should I clean my luggage?

A: We recommend only a damp, soft cloth or a soft brush using cool water or cool water with a very small amount of mild soap for stubborn marks or stains.  
Q: How do I get replacement parts for my luggage?

A: Please email customerservice@Andareluggage.com.
Q: Can I buy a gift card for Andare luggage?

A: We do not sell gift cards currently, but we do accept prepaid gift cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.